Smalltown: A Pickup Musical – Victoria Fringe Theatre Festival 2010

Smalltown - A Pickup Musical

By Amiel Gladstone and Lucas Myers

Known for thinking (and producing) outside the box, TheatreSKAM delivers yet another original hit with Smalltown: A Pickup Musical. It’s the story of a tiny British Columbian town on the brink of corporate invasion, struggling to preserve their identity and simple way of life. It’s witty, satirical, and politically relevant, but mostly Smalltown is just hilarious. It’s all about character depth: any one of these townsfolk could easily be a spin-off for Unofest. Leanne, who grew up in a small town in BC, said it’s like they drove the old pickup from their set through her town, sampled from the population, gave them some kind of humour steroids and dropped them off at Kings Park. This cast is amazing. They all did an exceptional job in their roles and I’m 100% positive vocal ability was among the highest selection criteria for this show.

I have a habit of looking around at the faces in the audience during a performance to see how they are reacting. A bit weird I know… but I am what I am. What struck me this time is that more than any event at the Fringe so far, this audience really was all ages, from teens up anyway. And often when that happens you can see the different age groups reacting differently to the show. But this time everyone was smiling and laughing together. No one was immune to this musical’s energy and its effects. Everyone loved Smalltown… including me.

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Hangin out with the cast of Smalltown - A Pickup Musical