Lucky 9 – Victoria Fringe Theatre Festival 2010

TJ Dawe - Lucky 9 - Fringe 2010 - Photo copyright Pierce Media

By TJ Dawe
Big Sandwich Productions

Leanne and I really lucked out this time. After seeing Lucky 9 we drove directly from Venue 12 to Cook St. to record our usual post-show voice notes over some Ethiopian food. There we were talking about TJ Dawe’s amazing sociological commentary when who should walk in but the man himself. Seriously, what are the chances? So of course we asked him to join us. And TJ, being the great guy that he is, was kind enough to let his dinner get cold and give us an in depth, exclusive interview on the spot. It was just recorded on my blackberry and was only going to be used in writing the review but it’s such great stuff that  I’m posting the whole thing here (including the raw review notes we were recording when he happened by). I’ll be honest; I had my doubts about TJ’s performance in the first few minutes. But once I settled in and really started listening closely to what he was saying, I was hooked. Lucky 9 is one of my new Fringe favourites, for sure.

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